May 1 2022

Pastor Dave Koppel

Second Chances


When did you wish you had a second chance?
Was it:
When you said something stupid on a first date with the person of your dreams, and you never got a second date?
When you messed up at work, made a whopper of a mistake, which cost the company a lot of money and maybe one or two national accounts, and now the boss isn’t really trusting you to be able to do a good job…and that’s assuming that you get to keep your job.
When you got a ticket for speeding, and now mom & dad have grounded you, you won’t be able to use the car for a month, and, by the way, you are now paying for the increased insurance premium.
There are so many times in life when all we want is a second chance. We need to have a second chance.
And when the devil whispers in your ear, “You’ve blown it. You’ll never amount to anything. God is mad at you. He doesn’t even want to hear from you”. You can just shout right back to the devil, “My God is the God of second chances!”

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