Dec 16 2018

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Advent: Joy

Pastor Dave Koppel | Luke 3:7-18

Today we get to know John the Baptizer a bit better.  Our acquaintance with him is sketchy at best -- we only hear of him when he’s doing something bold or losing his head.  But today he is the main character out in the wilderness proclaiming a challenging message to those who have hiked out to hear him and to be baptized by him.

Imagine if the message we shared with families who came here to have their child Baptized was the same as John’s!   Imagine if we greeted folks like this:  “Who do you think you are?  You bunch of hypocrites!  You come here looking for a cheap and easy way to soothe your guilty conscience when all along you know that after the Baptism you’re going to go right back to living the way you always did and not give God another thought... until you need God again in your deceitful and devious life.”

No mincing words!  But John speaks the truth!  And the strange thing about John’s preaching was that it hit home.

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