Cooperative Agreement

The Cooperative Agreement is what sets our program apart from others in the Round Rock community. We encourage families to consider participating each year. If you choose to participate in the cooperative program, you will:

  • Be a helping parent in your child's classroom (3 times per year, 3 hours per time)
  • Help in the classroom as needed for special events
  • Serve on a parent committee for fundraisers or special events 

PVLCP would not be the successful cooperative program that it is without the involvement of our families. Our program is geared toward families that desire to be involved in their child's preschool experience. The cooperative program provides channels for communication between parents and teachers and creates support for school operations. 

Families who are unable to commit to the cooperative agreement may choose to pay a fee of $150.  If they choose this option they will not be required to help in the classroom on a rotating basis or with a committee.

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