Why Kindergarten Readiness?

Our Kindergarten Readiness classes focus on ensuring that your young learner develops the independence, academics, social and emotional skills necessary to make a successful transition to kindergarten. Our program at Palm Valley Preschool also ensures that children are able to explore their faith and gain insights about God.
Our certified early childhood/elementary school teachers have designed a curriculum that engages all developmental needs as your child makes the shift from preschooler to a life-long learner. The teachers have created engaging, hands-on lessons that encourage the whole child. There is a balance between individual, whole-group, and play-based instruction.

The children learn the basic academic skills required for kindergarten success and learn to become a part of a community of learners. By the end of this program, the learners are well prepared academically for kindergarten and will have also worked on many other important social skills such as sharing with friends, walking in a line, and participating in group discussions. 

In the Kindergarten Readiness program, your child will learn:

Language and Literacy:
• Phonics
• Letter recognition
• Print structure and handwriting (fine motor skills)
• Decoding
• Story and sentence structure
• Comprehension

• Mathematical fluency
• Number sense
• Addition and subtraction
• Measurement
• Sorting and organization
• Shapes and colors
• Problem Solving

Social and Emotional Skills:
• Following directions
• Identifying appropriate solutions
• Getting along with others
• Engaging in social play and conversation
• Feeling good about one's self.