Apr 19 2020

Texas Day 2020

Texas Day is a much loved tradition at Palm Valley Preschool! Every year it coincides with our annual Silent Auction Fundraiser and hot dog picnic lunch. Although, these things add to the excitement of the day, the real fun takes place in the classroom and through the Texas Day activities the children experience firsthand.

Texas Day 2020 Preschool Palm Valley

Each age group gets an opportunity to experience our Wild West area outside. This year we had a tin can toss, photo booth with wanted Posters, the gold rush sand play, some heavin’ horse shoes, outlaw races, cactus coloring, the feeding trough, and pony races! All of the kids had a blast going from center to center and checking out all of the hands-on activities!


In addition to going to the Wild West, each class participated in various craft centers by rotating through different classrooms: everything from jeweled cowboy hats and boots to cactus projects. The children are very proud of their creations they took home. All in all, Texas Day was a huge success!