Dec 18 2017

Our Sponsored Children in El Salvador

I first met Vladimir and Wendy 5 years ago while on a mission trip with our Palm Valley youth. They are both really great kids! Vladimir, age 5 at the time, was shy. Wendy, then 7, wasn’t. Thanks to your generosity, the kids were moving from a shack into a simple cinder block house—a house with windows and a concrete floor! They were really excited and helped us do the interior painting.

I have visited Wendy and Vladimir at least once a year since. They always have big smiles on their face when they see me. Wendy and Vladimir are two of the 25 Lutheran students who are able to go to school because of you. Although school is technically “free,” it still costs about $200/year. That’s $200 that subsistence farmers with little land don’t have.

Earlier this month, Pastor Figueroa and I visited our sister congregation in Guaymango. When I spotted Vladimir, he had a tie on! Wendy was all decked out with a white blouse and black skirt. It was their confirmation day! There were 5 students and one adult being confirmed that Sunday. At one point in the ceremony, Wendy told Pastor Figueroa how much Palm Valley and he mean to her. She was fighting back tears. So was I.

I want to keep our sponsorship program going even after Pastor Figueroa retires. The next school year in El Salvador begins at the end of January. We need to raise $5,000. That’s one more year of education for 25 kids. If you want to be part of this program, just make a donation to Palm Valley in your usual way with a notation “El Salvador Kids.” Whether it’s $10 or $200, it would be great to have as many donors as possible. AND, whether you are a donor or not, please pray for these kids. They are worth it!

Ken Anderson