Life Groups

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." Jesus (Matthew 18:20)

We are at our best when we are connected to other people. These connections create relationships where we celebrate the joys of life, the challenges in our journeys, and serve others in love. If you are seeking the opportunity to experience real relationships based on a Christ-focused life, Palm Valley is the perfect way to grow together.

Because we are Better Together! Life Groups are a foundation for building stronger relationships. Stronger relationships build a stronger church. All other ministries in the church grow when standing on the foundation of solid Life Groups.

Life Groups range in size from 2 – 12 people and are more than a Sunday School class or a Bible Study.

Life Groups build relationships with a focus on 5 key areas.

  1. Fellowship with each other, oftentimes with a meal
  2. Study the Word of God together
  3. Pray with and for each other
  4. Support and Care for each other in times of need or accountability
  5. Serve others outside the group and the church
  6. Life Groups serve each other by sharing the workload for everything that needs to get done. Here are some examples of the roles people play in a Life Group. Also, keep in mind; these roles will rotate within the same group so no one person gets burned out on a particular role.
  • Leader / Apprentice Leader – The Discussion Leader just facilitates the conversation!
  • Host – Provides or coordinates a place to meet (ideally your home) but it can be at church.

This person does not have to lead the conversation or prepare the meal.

  • Meal Coordinator – If your group decides to share a meal, coffee or dessert. This person doesn’t have to prepare and serve all the food, they can coordinate who brings the food.
  • Prayer Coordinator – This person does not offer up the prayer and blessing each time you
    meet. This person collects prayer requests and communicates them out to the entire group.
  • Childcare Coordinator – If your group has childcare needs, this person helps coordinate the babysitter or work with the church office to arrange what is needed for your group. Childcare is provided at church on Sundays during Sunday school and Wednesday evenings during the children's Jesus and Me (JAM) and Youth Group.
  • Communications Coordinator – This person could be in charge of communicating with the
    entire group weekly, taking attendance, and connecting with the Life Groups Support Team.
  • Service Coordinator – This person coordinates service projects for the group.

  • Start your own! Invite 1-2 other people and decide on day, place, and time to meet.
  • Join an Existing Group! Ask us about existing Life Groups with openings.

Life Groups: FALL FOCUSLife Groups: FALL FOCUS

Monday | 12:00 am - 12:00 am

What if ten steps across a room could change your friends forever.

Join Us for a four Week Whole church Experience that will refresh your appreciation for the Holy spirits mysterious ways, rekindle your passion for people, and revive your belief that the single greatest gift you can give to your friends and family members is an introduction to the GOD who..

created them
loves them
has a purpose for their every day.

During these four weekends we'll learn together how to approach our world with a relevant appropriate message of truth - a message that is conveyed on the heels of a simple walk across a room.



Tuesday | 6:30 am - 7:30 am

Group Type: Men's Group

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” - Proverbs 27:17

Sometimes it can be challenging for men to find a place to plug into their church.  Are you wondering how you can connect with other Christian men and provide service to your church community?  Join our men's ministry breakfast. Enjoy a great breakfast, great conversation, and Bible study.

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