Children have an important place in God's Kingdom. We aren't just training them for the future, they are part of God's Kingdom now. 

We love children and we want to teach them about the Bible and God’s love in a way so they can understand and experience it.

All children are welcome. All children are loved. Each one has a God-given purpose. Every girl and boy is loved by God and their sins are forgiven through faith in Jesus. We want to help children discover these truths.


Q: Do you have to be a church member to participate in the children's classes and programs? 
A: We welcome all children to participate in our classes and programs.

Q: How much do the children's classes and programs cost? 
A: There is no cost for our ongoing activities. 

Have questions? For more information about our children's ministry, contact Laurie Strawbridge via email or at (512) 255-3322.

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