May 11 2023

Too Small and Too Big

Pastor Dave Koppel

I remember when I was a little kid, my favorite aunt sent me a package with two shirts. I thought that they were really cool. They reminded me of shirts the surfers wore near the beach where I lived. I quickly tried them on and discovered they were too big for me. Darn! I was disappointed but put them in my dresser drawer for another day. Truth be told, after a couple of months, I had more or less forgotten about them. I remembered they were too big, but I didn’t think about them much.

About a year later, I went through my drawer and rediscovered the shirts. I took them out and struggled to put them on, only to discover that now they were both too small! I was delighted! I had grown over that year and thought I might fit in them now! Maybe that was my first real growth spurt. I don’t know.

I know I talked to you last week about not being too focused on the future (Click here if you missed last week's notes.) because we would miss the blessings of the day, yet today I want to remind you not to forget about the future. Just as I had forgotten about the shirts, I missed my opportunity when it came along.

If you never set a goal, you won’t achieve a goal. If you never aim at anything, you won’t hit anything. If you don’t plan for the future, you won’t be prepared for it when it arrives.

Steven Covey called this “beginning with the end in mind.” What do you want for your life—relationally, economically, developmentally, and spiritually? Choosing a direction and taking small steps toward it every day will get you there. Want a better relationship? Begin working toward it today. Want to feel closer to God? Start intentionally spending time with Him every day. Want to become an expert in your field? Read about it and learn what you can every day.

Otherwise, you might find your shirt too small when the future sneaks up on you.

In His grip,